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Since 2001 Emanuel von Baeyer has received regular press coverage about his activities as an art dealer and his publications.

  1. Art & Métiers du Livre, March 2023

    Pour voir ou acquérir des œuvres de petits et grands maîtres, rendez-vous, entre autres, chez... Emanuel von Baeyer...

  2. La Tribune de l'Art, March 2023

    Mais à côté des « phares » de la gravure, beaucoup d’artistes moins connus ont également réalisé des oeuvres magistrales. Un élève de Dürer, Hans Schäufelein, est l’auteur d’une superbe gravure sur bois, une crucifixion coloriée à la main, que l’on peut admirer chez Emanuel von Baeyer, de Londres (ill. 5),

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  3. Antiques Trade Gazette, November 2022

    European drawings specialist Emanuel von Baeyer also focused on women artists. Among its sales was a large-scale painting by Andreana Dobreva, a Contemporary artist whose pictures give a twist on Old Master Compositions. The gallery said the picture “drew attention throughout the fair and captured the very essence of Frieze Masters.” It went to a private collection in New York.

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  4. Chapeau TV, Netherlands, June 2022

    Emanuel von Baeyer interviewed by Chapeau TV during TEFAF Maastricht 2022

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  5. De Limburger, June 2022

    The chapel is such an amazing space for exhibitions and welcoming people... von Baeyer hopes, by doing this exhibition, to give something back to the inhabitants of the city and also raise the profile of the chapel. (Translated from Dutch)

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  6. Télérama Sortir, May 2022

    Au Londonien Emanuel von Baeyer, qui présente des gravures contemporaines des artistes Judith Rothchild ou Hermann Nitsch.

  7. La Gazette Drouot, May 2022

    Le Londonien Emanuel von Baeyer l’importance insiste sur l’importance «vitale» que Paris garde un
 salon d’envergure en s’ouvrant
artistes étrangers : «Cette foire est un bon pas dans cette direction.»

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  8. Le Journal des Arts, May 2022

    Emanuel von Baeyer (Londres) met à l’honneur l’Ephemeriden 4, 2019, de Nicolas Poignon, linogravure sur Chine (coffret de 10 linogravures et 10 pages de texte, par Marcell Feldberg...)

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  9. Collezione da Tiffany, May 2020

    Highlight of London Original Print Fair 2020, 'presenting five etchings by Jean Fautrier and works by John Cage and Alex Katz.' (Translated from Italian)

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  10. Chapeau TV, Netherlands, March 2020

    Emanuel von Baeyer interviewed by Chapeau TV during TEFAF Maastricht 2020

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  11. Handelsblatt, March 2020

    Der im Vergleich intime Schauraum ist im Rahmen der Tefaf so etwas wie ein Fenster in die Zukunft. Hier fällt am ehesten der noch gar nicht so alte Trend des Cross-Collecting auf – des Sammelns über Sparten und Epochen hinweg. Die Aussteller dürfen jenseits ihres Spezialgebiets eine gewisse Anzahl anderer Objekte präsentieren. Wenn das eigene Metier aus Papier besteht, fällt eine raumgreifende Installation von Karel Appel ins Auge. Emanuel von Baeyer aus London erwartet dafür eine niedrige sechsstellige Summe.

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  12. Antiques Trade Gazette, January 2020

    London dealership Emanuel von Baeyer publishes regular works on paper catalogues that feature extensive research. One of the most recent is Italian Old Master Prints from Parmigianino to Tiepolo. The works are all from a single-owner collection built up over 20 years. First published in 2018, the catalogue also marks 20 years since the publication of Emanuel von Baeyer’s first catalogue. It includes this engraving of Three men singing after Marcantonio Raimondi (c.1480-1534) by Luca Ciamberlano.

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  13. Blouin Art Info, April 2019

    Jürgen Schön Drawings at Emanuel Von Baeyer, London... The works by Jurgen Schon call on us to venture forward through habit to things, and still remain aesthetic artefacts with an unusually intensive power of expression. These immobile objects and drawings allow the observer to occupy a large number of standpoints. They are not only fascinating on account of the texture dictated by the materials used, and the reduced use of color, but also because they point to the activity of the observer, the procedure of perception itself, and show us that we do not find what we search for in things, but the manner in which we search," as per an excerpt from a text by Ralph Lindner.

  14. Mas de Arte, March 2019

    The most wanted of TEFAF 2019 – Rich assortment of works housed in the dedicated space: Emanuel von Baeyer (Stand 706) brings a complete set of 'Disasters of War', first published in 1860, by Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes (1746 - 1828), along with a group of six tests in the series 'Los Proverbios', the largest in private hands.

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  15. Blouin Art Info, March 2019

    'Epreuves d’Artiste: Prints 1984-1988' at Emanuel von Baeyer, London... The exhibition brings together 36 Artist’s Proofs made using various techniques around the time Albert Oehlen was emerging internationally, among the prints some very large drypoints.

  16. Süddeutsche Zeitung, March 2018

    Maastricht steht für Sammeln auf höchstem Niveau. Mit der Sektion "Tefaf Paper" sucht man seit ein paar Jahren auch ein jüngeres Publikum anzusprechen. Wie lohnend eine Tour über das Gelände sein kann, zeigt exemplarisch der Stand von Emanuel von Baeyer aus London. Bei ihm wäre die schöne Rötelzeichnung eines Ganymed von Hans von Marées für 28 000 Euro zu haben und eine rätselhafte Federzeichnung von Max Klinger, "Mädchen und Tod" für 42 000 Euro. Geschätzte 12 000 bis 30 000 Objekte hat das aus 189 Spezialisten bestehende, seiner Strenge wegen gefürchtete Vetting-Team im Vorfeld der Messe nach allen Regeln der Zunft auf Echtheit untersucht. Besucher können es dank ihrer Vorarbeit entspannter angehen.

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  17. Blouin Art Info, January 2018

    'Knospen und Dornen' by Ferdinand Staeger at Emanuel Von Baeyer, London... Emanuel Von Baeyer has extended its permanent exhibition to include a sweeping exhibition of works by Ferdinand Staeger (1880 Trebitsch, Österreich-Ungarn -1976 Waldkraiberg). The London-based gallery has installed the works, which document his prolific and iconic career, which features both illustrations and other graphical works.

  18. Apollo Magazine, April 2017

    Who’s collecting German experimental prints?... Emanuel von Baeyer, who has prints in his London gallery by all these artists, confirms that there is still strong institutional and private interest in work by all the leading figures, with collectors looking for an outstanding or overworked impression or an inscription that makes the print unique.

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  19. Forbes, March 2017

    TEFAF 2017 - Emanuel von Baeyer sold 12 works to private collectors with further works on reserve with museums. A key work that sold was The Signboard of the Gersaint Gallery, 1732, the very rare engraving after Jean-Antoine Watteau (1684-1721).

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  20. Invaluable, March 2017

    7 Must-See Booths at TEFAF... Vibrant works on paper by 20th century German artist Martin Assig at London’s Emanuel von Baeyer are sure to turn your head. Emanuel von Baeyer London is a preeminent space for European drawings, prints, and paintings from the 15th to the 20th centuries. The gallery regularly participates in international print and drawing fairs.

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  21. The Art Newspaper, March 2017

    FIVE WORKS FOR €5,000 AND UNDER... €3,200: The London dealer Emanuel von Baeyer will show a number of works on paper by the German artist Martin Assig from a series he began in 2009. In the St Paul’s series, made in tribute to the artist Paul Klee, Assig deals with basic and existential themes such as love, death and how people relate to each other and the world. Made using pigments and beeswax, this colourful work, St Paul #316 (2013) was featured in a retrospective of Assig’s work that opened at the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam in 2015. '[His] work is very popular among museum curators and is included in many German, Swiss, French, Dutch, English and American collections,' Von Baeyer says.

  22. Blouin ArtInfo, November 2016

    What to See at the IFPDA Print Fair... One of the earliest works on view this year is a colored woodcut by Anton Sorg from 1478. Still in mint condition, the woodcut comes from the collection of Dr. Hellmuth Wallach at London’s Emanuel von Baeyer. The collection, which hasn’t been seen by the public since the 1970s, also includes works by greats like Dürer and Goya.

  23. The Art Newspaper, October 2016

    Artist Cornelia Parker’s favourite six standout works from Frieze Masters... Hans Christian Andersen, Self-portrait (1859) This is a black painted silhouette, a gift left for someone whose hospitality he had enjoyed on his constant travels. He often painted these little self-portraits as a thank you. You don’t usually see them on the open market.

  24. Royal Academy of Arts, October 2016

    Charles Samauraz-Smith, Secretary and Chief Executive of the Royal Academy of Arts, on his favourite booths at Frieze Masters 2016... A discovery for me was the stand of prints shown by Emanuel von Baeyer, who... had an exceptionally interesting collection of work, including two landscape prints by Goya and work by less well known 19th-century German artists.

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  25. Frankfurter Allgemeine, August 2016

    Crossover großgeschrieben: Die Frieze Masters ist keine Messe für Schnäppchenjäger, sondern noch bis zum 9. Oktober ein Ort für Trophäensammler der Gegenwart.... Bestechend auch das mit einem konzentrierten Blick für das Ungewöhnliche ausgesuchte Angebot bei Emanuel Von Baeyer..

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  26. The Art Newspaper, September 2015

    IFPDA Print Fair 2015... The 90 galleries at the fair cover 500 years of printmaking, including a group of woodcuts by the 18th-century artist and founder of the Louvre, Dominique Vivant Denon, priced between £1,200 and £10,000 at Emmanuel von Baeyer.

  27. Apollo Magazine, April 2015

    Packing a Punch: Ten highlights from the London Original Print Fair... Everything on Emanuel von Baeyer’s stand is worth hanging around for. Exceptional prints by Old Masters (such as Rembrandt) and modern radicals (Dubuffet) are pitted against contemporary pieces, including a fine muted watercolour by Diebenkorn.

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  28. Artinfo, August 2013

    In the TEFAF Paper section Emanuel von Baeyer showed a great selection of works on paper including a sketch by Karl Friedrich Schinkel dated 1825 and rediscovered in 2010, which featured a design for a plinth to support a marble bust by Christian Friedrich Tieck of the crown princess Elisabeth of Prussia. The price was upon request only. The booth also showed off Carl Andre’s “Six Wire Run” (1971), which came with a price tag of €80,000 ($105,256).

  29. Art in America Magazine, April 2011

    Continue down Aisle A and turn left at the end. Take another left into Aisle B and look for the booth of London dealer Emanuel von Baeyer. The treasure everyone has been talking about this year is not a print but a drawn self-portrait by one of the all-time greatest printmakers, Hendrick Goltzius. This tiny roundel on vellum is rendered in a complex combination of metal point, black and red chalk and watercolor with white heightening. It is one of only seven known drawn self-portraits by Goltzius and is thought to be the study for the image of the artist that appears in his 1594 engraving of the Circumcision of Christ. The drawing shows a confident artist at the height of his powers with a sweet expression in his light blue eyes. Von Baeyer's ensemble includes a remarkable woodcut after Coornhert with an unusual subject, Tobias being Blinded by Sparrows Droppings (c. 1550), as well as post-war prints by Georg Baselitz and Robert Morris.

Emanuel von Baeyer also appears regularly in the following publications:

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