Emanuel von Baeyer


Emanuel von Baeyer works with a broad range of prints, drawings and paintings, all of which are of the highest quality and are frequently rare and distinguished examples. Our interests span a wide chronological range, often dealing with lesser-known and recent fields of study. The diversity of works we have published in our catalogues, exhibited at fairs and displayed online, has sparked interest at many major museums – we have sold a great number of pieces to some of the most notable institutions in Great Britian, Germany, Netherland, France, Switzerland and Czech Republic, as well as North America, Asia and Australia.

We deal in works that date as far back as the 15th century, with fine early European prints, preceding printmaking and drawings from the Italian, German and French Renaissance, the art of the École de Fontainebleau, and the works of artists in the Prague court of Rudolf II.

The 17th century is of great interest. We sell and have sold Dutch and Flemish prints from this era, and the art of Rembrandt and his circle, as well as his influence on later Dutch and German artists. Exploring 17th century German art led to a focus on the so-called ‘Expressive Baroque’ – a Central-European movement of the first half of the 18th century (an area only recently under scrutiny) distinguished by peintre-gravure prints – along with Baroque and Rococo artists in the Austrian Empire, artists in the circle of Frederick II, and German Rococo works.

We also handle French prints and drawings of the 17th century and 18th century, dealing with art produced in the French Academy in Rome and French 18th centruy Classicism, alongside artists in the circle of Vivant Denon, and the art of the Revolution. The work of contemporaneous British artists, such as Henry Füseli, William Blake and their circle also comprises part of our stock, as does the output of various Victorian printmakers.

German 19th century culture is a fascinating area of study, constantly evolving as it was and embracing so many different movements: early Romanticism in the Goethezeit, the Nazarene movement, the Biedermeier period, and Naturalism.

Well-known names from these areas are represented along with French Romantics, fin-de-siècle artists, and Impressionists. Indeed, the 20th century work we deal in is wide-ranging and varied: from that of artists in the circle of Ambroise Vollard (both those he supported as a dealer and as a publisher) to German Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, and German Expressionism of the first and second generations. We are also interested in the productions of artists of the Verlorene Generation (‘the Lost Generation’) working between the wars, and Post-War German and French artists.

More recently we have focused on American Conceptualism and German Neo-Expressionism. High-profile and prolific artists are always of interest, and we are equally engaged in collaborations with contemporary artists, both established and emerging.

All our works are selected with an eye to excellence, whether this be in their condition, rarity, provenance, maker, media, technique or subject. We strive to catalogue and display our material in a dynamic way, drawing attention to new and significant aspects of the works and encouraging fresh interpretations. A long-standing passion for artists’ illustrated books adds variety to our collection of flat art, as does the occasional inclusion of sculpture and installations.

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