Emanuel von Baeyer

Exhibitions and Events


01/2020Alex Katz. Two Sets of Prints
01/202019th and 20th Century Drawings
01/2020Dan Walsh and Marjorie Welish. Between Sincerity and Irony


12/2019James Rielly. Watercolours 2015 - 2019
12/2019Italian Baroque Etchings
10/2019IFPDA Fine Art Print Fair, 23 - 27 October 2019
10/2019Jean Fautrier. Alchemy in Printmaking
10/2019Frieze Masters, 3 - 6 October 2019, Stand F16
10/2019Albert Oehlen. Epreuves d'Artiste 1984 - 1989
09/2019Sylvie De Meerleer. Quiet Truth
08/2019Artists' Portraits
08/2019Andreana Dobreva. Recent Paintings
08/2019Philip Akkerman. Self Portraits
07/2019Neil Gall. The Studio
05/2019André Thomkins. Behaviour
05/2019Leon Steinmetz - The Beautifull Cassandra
05/2019Jürgen Schön. Drawings
05/2019William S. Burroughs & Friends
04/2019The London Original Print Fair, 25 - 28 April 2019
04/2019Ryck Rudd. Worthless Refuse II
03/2019TEFAF Maastricht 2019
02/2019Architecture, Sculpture & Performance: American Modernist Photos
01/2019London Art Fair 2019
01/2019Frank Lloyd Wright - Hand Studies of an Architect
01/2019Arcadia landscapes


12/2018Terry Winters - works on paper
12/2018Jean Fautrier - Alchemy in Printmaking
10/2018IFPDA New York
10/2018Frieze Masters
10/2018Stefano Della Bella - prints and drawings
09/2018Late Summer Nudes
07/2018Ryck Rudd - The Mess
06/2018FIGURATIV: Max Beckmann, Lucian Freud & Leon Kossoff
05/2018ABA Rare Book Fair
05/2018London Original Print Fair
05/2018Till Verclas - Artist's Books and Prints
05/2018Judith Rothchild - Illustrated Books 1997-2017
04/2018Thomas Frye: The elegant ladies and gentleman
03/2018TEFAF Maastricht
03/2018Barbara Camilla Tucholski: >>Endloses Kreisen im Raum<<
01/2018Finlay Abbott Ellwood: Ideas Unsaid, then Forgotten


12/2017Art for Tomorrow: A Portfolio for Jesus College, Cambridge
11/2017Ferdinand Staeger: Knospen und Dornen
11/2017Matthias Griebler: Squirrel
10/2017IFPDA Print Fair
10/2017Frieze Masters
09/2017John Cage: Mushrooms and Music
06/2017The Return of Unusual Summer Guests
03/2017TEFAF, Maastricht
02/2017Lothar Osterburg Photogravures
01/2017Antiquariatsmesse, Stuttgart
01/2017Josef Breitenbach Portraits


11/2016The IFPDA Print Fair
11/2016The Hellmuth Wallach Collection. From the Master of the Tarocchi Cards to Manet catalogue published.
10/2016Frieze Masters
10/2016Lothar Osterburg – Photogravures
10/2016Nicolas Poignon – Urban Landscapes
07/2016A Selection of Drawings, Prints, Paintings and Sculptures from 17th-19th Century, Spencer House
06/2016Leon Kossoff Etchings
03/2016TEFAF, Maastricht
03/2016Matthias Griebler- Herodes zeugt ein Kind. Herodes zeugt sein Kind!
01/2016Antiquariatsmesse, Stuttgart


12/2015Marjorie Welish, Indecidability of the Sign
11/2015The IFPDA Print Fair
11/2015–Mostly British- landscapes.
10/2015Frieze Masters
08/2015Blake, Barry, Fuseli and their circles, a small group
07/2015French Prints and Drawings of the Eighteenth Century at Spencer House
04/2015New York Antiquarian Book Fair
04/2015The London Original Print Fair
03/2015Bertrand Freiesleben-Turning back is looking forward-
03/2015Marwan: Ou la quête obstinée de l’âme humaine: Peintures, aquarelles, gravures, Galerie Jacques Leegenhoek, Paris
03/2015TEFAF Maastricht
03/2015Dominque Vivant Denon (1747-1825) and his Circle catalogue published.
02/2015Marwan- Prints from the 1970s-


11/2014The IFPDA Print Fair
10/2014French Colour Prints – Mastery & Elegance
09/2014The Artist - Observations + Reflections – with Katrin Bellinger at Colnaghi.
08/2014Pascale Hemery – The City
06/2014Martin Assig – Wash Drawings 1998 - 2011
04/2014William Lock the Younger (1767-1847) – Drawings and Watercolours
04/2014The London Original Print Fair.
04/2014William Lock the Younger (1767-1847) – Drawings and Watercolours
03/2014The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF) Maastricht.
02/2014Two Contemporaries – Martin Erich Philipp & James Arden Grant
02/2014Two Contemporaries – Martin Erich Philipp & James Arden Grant
01/2014Conversation Pieces – A peep at Parisian nineteenth-century society.
01/2014Conversation Pieces – A peep at Parisian nineteenth-century society.


12/2013Judith Rothchild – Illustrated Books 1997-2013
11/2013IFPDA Fair New York.
10/2013Frieze Masters, London
10/2013Rudi Tröger – The Four Years of Printmaking: 1965-1968.
09/2013Late Summer in the Country – Prints and Drawings from Dürer to Millet.
08/2013Summer in Dublin – A Selection of prints published in Ireland since 2000.
08/2013Josef Albers – Homage to the Square.
07/2013Markus Lüpertz – Works on Paper 1979 – 1990.
07/2013Master Drawings & Sculpture Weeks London
04/2013Lucian Freud – Etchings.
04/2013The London Original Print Fair.
04/2013Philip Guston – A Suite of Ten Lithographs.
03/2013Georg Baselitz – Prints, drawings and watercolours. A selection spanning 40 years.
03/2013The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF) Maastricht.
01/2013William Kentridge – The Nose.


11/2012Thomas Bunce – Works on Paper
11/2012IFPDA Fair New York.
10/2012Rococo – 18th Century Printmaking in France
10/2012Frieze Masters, London
09/2012Judith Rothchild - Mezzotints
05/2012The London International Antiquarian Book Fair – Olympia.
03/2012The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF) Maastricht.
02/2012Eduardo Paolozzi 1924 – 2005: Probedrucke aus München.
01/2012First State – Premier état – Erster Zustand: Prints of Four Centuries.


11/2011Wiebke Loeper: Photography.
11/2011IFPDA Fair New York.
11/2011Cologne Fine Art and Antiques (COFAA).
11/2011Four Unusual Summer Guests: Moldovan, Morell, Steinmetz, Griebler.
07/2011Master Drawings London.
07/2011Black – White – Grey: American Prints and Drawings.
05/2011L’art d’imprimer sur pierre: 19th century French lithographs.
04/2011The London Original Print Fair.
04/2011From Renaissance to Baroque: Italian Old Master Prints of Two Centuries.
03/2011The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF) Maastricht.
02/2011Rare Prints of Six Centuries (Catalogue)
01/2011Das bin ich? + ?Wo? Wann?: Horst Janssen - Fotos und Karten aus den 60er Jahren


12/2010French Etcherds around 1900 – Auguste Brouet and others.
11/2010Italian Artists – Prints from 1960 to the Millennium.
10/2010Fred Sandback - Prints and Drawings from 1969 to 1987.
09/2010Barbara Tucholski – Drawings from 1999 to 2009.
08/2010Yves Chaudouet – Monotypes from 1997 to 2009.
08/2010Peter Bömmels – Works on paper 1988 to 2007.
07/2010Master Drawings London.
04/2010The London Original Print Fair.
03/2010The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF) Maastricht.


10/2009Barbara Camilla Tucholski: Drawings from 1999 to 2009.
10/2009Schatten & Räume. Drawings, prints, photographs and sculptures from 1909-2009.
08/2009Peter Bömmels: Works on Paper from 1988 to 2007.
07/2009Master Prints and related drawings from the 16th to the 20th century (exhibition accompanied by publication).
06/2009Yves Chaudouet: 18 Monotypes from 1997 to 2009.
01/2009Master Drawings New York.


07/2008Master Drawings London: Portraits from the 17th to the early 20th century (exhibition accompanied by publication).
03/2008The Fine Art Fair (TEFAF) Showcase.
01/2008Master Drawings New York.
01/2008Bon à tirer. Ambroise Vollard – Editeur. Books, Prints, Manuscripts. (exhibition accompanied by publication).


11/2007The Artist in Art. In association with Colnaghi, London (exhibition accompanied by publication).
07/2007Master Drawings London. Drawings. Watercolours. Bozzetti and Paintings from 1530-1880 (exhibition accompanied by publication).
04/2007London Original Print Fair.01/2007 Master Drawings New York.


07/2006Master Drawings London. Printmaking in France from 1544-1844. Ecole de Fontainebleau to Romanticism (exhibition accompanied by publication).
04/2006London Original Print Fair.


07/2005Master Drawings London.
04/2005London Original Print Fair.


04/2004London Original Print Fair. Expressive Baroque: Prints and Drawings From Central Europe 1700-1800 (exhibition accompanied by publication).
01/2004Prints, Drawings and Paintings of four Centuries. At Shepherd & Derom Galleries, New York.


07/2003Master Drawings London. Master Drawings and Oil Sketches. (exhibition accompanied by publication).
04/2003London Original Print Fair. Master Prints from 1600-1900. Druckgraphik von 1600 bis 1900 (exhibition accompanied by publication).


07/2002Master Drawings London. German Drawings.
01/2002Prints and Drawings of Four Centuries. At Shepherd & Derom Galleries, New York (exhibition accompanied by publication).


07/2001Master Drawings London.
05/2001João Penalva. At Galerie Volker Diehl, Berlin.


05/2000German, Flemish and Dutch Prints and Drawings From 1550-1700.


04/1999German prints and Drawings of the 19th century. At Galerie Fred Jahn, Munich (exhibition accompanied by publication)


07/1998Italienische Altmeistergraphik – Georg Baselitz, Per Kirkeby (exhibition accompanied by publication). At Sabine Knust, Munich.

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