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We are pleased to provide a range of conservation and restoration treatments for works of art on paper. The services offered aim to preserve and protect works on paper and we are able to asses and carry out conservation treatment on the entire range we are dealing with, in particular: 

old master and modern prints, drawings, watercolours, pastels of all centuries, collages, Artist sketchbooks, photographs, archival collections and ephemera. 

Fine art paper conservation falls into two main categories: remedial and preventative. 

Remedial, or interventive treatment aims to slow down the damaging process that continues to deteriorate the structure and/or the aesthetics of an artwork - a treatment that respects the artwork’s material composition, its provenance and history. A good example of remedial paper conservation include consolidation of brittle and flaky paint, repairing tears using specialist tissue papers, and preventing the break down of paper fibres by deacidification bath.

Remedial conservation services: 

Preventive conservation focuses on preventing and reducing damage by improving the environment in which the artwork exists. For instance, non conservation standard mounts and enclosures will, over time, alter the chemical structure of both the paper substrate and the media, accelerating discolouration and local staining. By rehousing your collections using acid free materials, damage can be minimised or, if caught early enough, prevented altogether.

Preventive conservation services 

Our in-house conservator has a postgraduate qualification in paper conservation, with over ten years of practical experience working with established museums and galleries both in London and abroad. 

We are offering highly competitive rates to the art trade and collectors alike.

Please contact us on conservation@evbaeyer.com

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