Emanuel von Baeyer

Illuminated. Prints 1480 - 1600


This catalogue focuses on black and white prints and their role as a support. It examines samples of works ranging from the very beginnings of the hand-colouring of early printed books before 1500 to the so-called transition copies that begin to modify prints towards the end of the 16th century.

This catalogue is preceded by a small number of publications addressing our topic of illuminated and hand-coloured manuscripts: Gremlin who, in 1993 was the first to fully address the topic, and Dackerman, whose ground-breaking book from 2002 offers an overview until 1600, as well as Truusje Goedings, whose book from 2015 surveys 250 years. Goedings has made a substantial contribution on the maker of the prayer books, published here for the first time, and her discovery adds much to the understanding in this field that is included in our catalogue.

Catalogue by Emanuel von Baeyer. Order this catalogue.

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