Emanuel von Baeyer

‘Auserlößne Schöne Gebetlein der Fürnemsten Euangelien in heiliger Göttlicher Schrifft ...’ 1597

Compiled and illuminated by Hieronymus Oertel
1543 – 1614

 Total of 97 pp. of which 49 pp. consist of calligraphic text written in German Fraktur in gold, blue, red, and black script.

Elaborate pen-flourishing throughout, large ornate penwork initials throughout, each page surrounded by a red leather micro-border, tooled in gilt. Illustrated with 45 full page engravings pasted onto the vellum leaves also in series, richly and extensively hand-coloured and illuminated, by Hieronymus Oertel (1543 – 1614); 155 × 118 mm. Re-bound in 20th century red morocco, with two silver plaquettes verso and recto, depicting the initials CF, topped by a Kurhut and two hallmarked metal clasps.

Provenance: German, mid to late 17th century plaquettes with the initials CF and Kurhut (the insignia of the German prince electors).