Emanuel von Baeyer

Automne. 1927-33

Georges Rouault
1871 Paris - 1958 Paris

Lithograph. Sheet size: 55.5 x 73.5 cm. Watermark: Ambroise Vollard. In blue ink signed, dated “1927” and inscripted: “No. 9 - Premier tirage - automne a 30 epreuve”.

Literature: Johnson (1944), cat. no. 171. Johnson (1977), cat. no. 123 (illustrated). Chapon 364. (Deuxième étude) (II./ XII).

Large and impressive print on a full sheet from the first edition of 10. The second state before the edition in 1933. The stone has been altered numerous times, and altogether there are 13 states listed by Chapon. Very rare from the early edition of 1927.

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