Emanuel von Baeyer

Ambroise Vollard. Le père à la guerre. Paris 1923. (The complete author proof copy)

Jean Puy
1876 – Roanne – 1960

136 pages and yellow cover. Before 1923.

Printed version before the final printed version with many handwritten spelling, and spacing corrections. Alignment of text. Complete deletions of parts of the text. Handwritten numbering of all pages. All by Vollard himself, mostly in pencil or brown ink. This copy is lacking the eight etchings by Puy, which might have been delivered and decided later. Also Vollard already notes the title in pen and ink and places the etchings in the book.

This proof gives a very interesting insight into how Vollard edited his project and changed parts of the text right up until the end.

A highly important item for the understanding of Vollard as an author.

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