Emanuel von Baeyer

Por temor no pierdan honor (Fear does not cause them to lose honour) / Disparate de miedo (Folly of fear).

Francisco de Goya y Lucientes
1746 Fuendetodos – 1828 Bordeaux

Etching, burnished aquatint and drypoint.
Size of sheet: 24.3  ×  34.5 cm.
Literature: Harris 249.II.1.

Plate two of the set showing soldiers fleeing two phantom giant hooded figures towering over terrified soldiers.
The most notable feature of this print is that it is pulled is before the scratch on the hooded figure appears – probably due to an accident or mishandling of the plate – in the second run of trial proofs. Because of this particular feature, the two trial proof sets can be distinguished from one another. Our impression is slightly uneven in the printing of the aquatint, especially on the right-hand side of the plate.
It is very difficult to determine precisely, but our impression might be before a triangle has been slightly burnished on the left side of the coat of the standing figure above the landscape. This feature is very visible in the first trial proofs and in the first edition, before fading and disappearing in the later editions.
A fine impression of the clean wiped plate.

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