Emanuel von Baeyer

The Aviary of Death. Death is catching humankind with nets

Giovanni Paolo Cimerlini
active around 1600 in Verona

Etching and engraving. Sheet size: 43.2 x 60.6 cm. Watermark: Crest with belt or pomegranate with small fleur-de-lys.

Bartsch xxxii, p. 198, 36 (as Giovanni Battista D’Angeli); Nagler iii, p. 78 (as Cimerlini, active in Verona 1668, this print not mentioned); Thieme-Becker, vol. 6, p. 605 (as Cimerlini, active in Verona 1568); Exh. Cat. Palladio e Verona, Verona 1980. p. 276, ix,38 (illustrated).

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