Emanuel von Baeyer

Apollo of Belvedere. 1617

Hendrick Goltzius
1558 Mulbrecht near Venlo – 1617 Haarlem

Engraving. Sheet size: 43.1 x 31.3 cm. Hollstein 147 II. Watermark: Tower with draped fleece. Mounted on an 18th century album sheet.

Provenance: L.P. Terry (died 1800 in Bruxelles) (Lugt 2389)

Excellent, radiant impression, perfectly fresh with margins on all sides. Uncleaned plate edge on right. Rich burr. Apart from one small tear, it is of flawless preservation. The perfect condition of the print is due to the fact that it has been kept in an album for so long. Today an impression of this quality is exceedingly rare.

Arguably the most beautiful print of the series Three antique Statues from Rome.