Emanuel von Baeyer

Drawings. Watercolours. Bozzetti and Paintings from 1530-1880

This catalogue provides a roll-call of the particular areas in which we have dealt over the years. It offers drawings, watercolours, bozzetti and paintings from 1530-1880, including works of the Italian and Flemish Renaissance – most notably a group of three drawings by Parmigianino; of Rudophine Mannerism, including the major and well-known version of the Entombment by Joseph Heintz the Elder; of the Bohemian Baroque; French Rococo and later eighteenth-century examples such as a Study of two Hands by François Boucher and Alexander before Diogenes by Jean-Baptiste Greuze, works of German and English Romanticism, including a Study of the Artist’s left Hand by Sir Thomas Lawrence and A Study of the Head of Miriam by William Blake Richmond, as well as of German Pre-Impressionist and Pre-Raphaelite art.

Catalogue by Emanuel von Baeyer. Order this catalogue.

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