Emanuel von Baeyer

Old master prints, drawings and selected paintings

Old Master prints, drawings and paintings form the nucleus of Emanuel von Baeyer, London. These works represent a long-standing fascination with the art of the past and reveal the dealer’s perennial passion for the discovery of exceptional and rare material.

Emanuel von Baeyer is successful in finding, researching and inspiring interest in both well-known artists and periods, and in lesser-known areas. Undaunted by shifts in popular taste, Emanuel von Baeyer persistently seeks works of a high standard with engaging artistic and historical contexts – whether a piece is unrecognized of his author and has been re-attributed, is a proof impression, an early state, or has an intriguing provenance, such attributes are of enduring value. This objective has inspired museums and collectors alike to obtain important prints, drawings and paintings, often with new attributions, that are recognised above all for their outstanding quality.

We regularly produce scholarly catalogues on a diverse range of subjects and periods, and similarly curate online exhibitions, based around a variety of themes within our fields.