Emanuel von Baeyer

Zeichnungen, Photos, Bekenntnisse (Drawings, photos, statements)

Marino Marini
1901 Pistoia – 1980 Viareggio

Complete manuscript, including eight pages of text, drawings in various techniques and one cover drawing by the artist. Sheet size up to: 15.6 x 38 cm.

Provenance:  Christoph Schifferli (son of Peter Schifferli, founder and publisher of Die Arche).


This collection of material provides a fascinating insight into Marini’s creative mind. Not only do the sheets of text and drawings illuminate Marini’s thought process with regards to the development of his sculpture and experimentations with form and colour; the fact that he selected this material himself makes this ensemble of original pieces a unique and important item in the artist’s oeuvre.

Commissioned by his publisher, Peter Schifferli, Marini chose which of his works to include in the book (M. Marini, E. Marini and E. Scheidegger, Marino Marini: Zeichnungen, Photos, Bekenntnisse, Die Arche (publ.), Zurich, 1959), revealing what the artist himself considered important to be known and seen. The collection may almost be understood as a character study of the artist. In this format, with the original pages and cover drawing, it is a one-of-a-kind object rarely offered on the market.