Emanuel von Baeyer

The Standing Madonna with the Flower.

Der Meister mit dem Blumenrahmen
Active in the Lower Rhine region between 1450 – 1470

Engraving. Size of sheet: 9.1 x 7 cm.

An excellent impression, the ink also visible through verso. With wide irregular margins, there the upper (filled in) and lower corner trimmed off.

Lehrs knew only of one example, which is kept at the city library of Trier, mounted in a breviary. It also includes two further engravings by the Meister der Berliner Passion.

This print, which with its raw engraving style is considered by today’s aesthetic standards as very attractive and direct, was rated unfavourably by Geisberg who discovered it in 1902 and by Lehrs who considered it to be in artistic.

Nevertheless, they both considered the Meister mit dem Blumenrahmen ‘to be rated higher by degree than his associates: ‘the Meister des heiligen Erasmus, der Meister des Duitschen Ölberg und der Meister der Zehntausend’ (1).

Extremely rare and very beautiful.

(1) Lehrs, p. 141.