Emanuel von Baeyer

Adoration of the Magi

Albrecht Dürer
1471 – Nuremberg – 1528

Size of sheet: 29.5  ×  22 cm.
Watermark: Tall crown
Literature: Meder 208 (a/I); Schoch/Mende/Scherbaum, vol. II. 225.
Provenance: Georg Weiner (1919 Vienna – 2007 Berne).

A true exemplar of the earliest impression, razor-sharp like a pen drawing. With the ever-present hairline crack in the drapery of the kneeling king but before all further wear. With the Tall crown watermark (Meder 20) as desired for Meder a. With full borderlines all around and impeccably preserved. Our print was made in the same year as the Life of the Virgin Mary series but had always been intended as an individual print. Within the severe geometric composition of the edifice, the figures appear formal and staged, enhanced by the sharp profile views of Mary and Joseph. In contrast, the Christ Child is free of all attributes, reaching curiously and clumsily without inhibition, just like any small child, into the box of gifts presented to him.